Listen from the Heart

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Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?  óJohn 4:29

Well there are you and here am I, perhaps we donít see eye-to-eye.
At any rate Iím gonna try to give you whatís on my heart.
At times I fear youíll turn away, offended by something I say,
But I donít know, at least today youíre here, and thatís a start.
Iím at a loss to get across whatís turned my life around.
The things I say just blow away, the words just canít be found.

But bear with me a little while, donít tune me out, donít touch that dial.
Put all your doubts in one big pile and listen from the heart.

I met a man, an only Son, who told me every thing Iíd done;
But when I turned around to run, I found no place left to go.
I raised my eyes and turned my head and listened to the things He said;
And now Iíd rather share instead with everyone I know.
So with this view, I turn to you just as my courage melts.
If I begin, I always end up saying something else.


All songs copyright 2001 by Rod Mackert / ItzaboutHim Music