This Morning

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We love him, because he first loved us.  ó1 John 4:19

The sun came up this morning and it took me by surprise,
Golden rivers flowing down the skies.
A bird awoke, and as he spoke, the air was filled with song,
And Lord I must have seen You all along.
My eyes were finally opened, but it took me much too long;
I almost missed the glory of the dawn.
I turned my eyes unto the skies, and there a brand new day
Broke brighter than the last in every way.

Thank you Lord for opening up my eyes;
You touched my heart and now my eyes can seeó
See the love Youíve given to the world,
And I can love You now because You first loved me.

And Jesus came upon me then and took me by the hand
To lead the way and help me understand.
He promised then that all my sin His dying had erased,
And my whole life fell neatly into place.
And ever since that morning Iíve been singing a new song.
I donít know why I waited for so long.
The Lord is now just showing me how to love Him more and more
And live a life I never knew before.


All songs copyright 2001 by Rod Mackert / ItzaboutHim Music